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Tempting Progress | U.S. Vaping Industry Nurtures Wins & Ponders Losses | RegWatch

With the deadline for PMTA submissions for synthetic nicotine products now closed, the U.S. vaping industry is again held hostage to FDA’s plodding regulatory...

Doing Harm | Health Canada’s Confused Message on Vaping | RegWatch

With the comment period now closed for the legislative review of Canada’s Tobacco and Vaping Products Act, Canadian vapers again find themselves in “wait-and-see...

Grand Scheme | NJOY Approved & Menthol Cigs Cancelled | RegWatch

In this special report from the Grand Canyon in Arizona, the United States RegWatch executive producer Brent Stafford provides commentary on the FDA’s recent...

Pretty Brutal | State of U.S. Vaping 2022 | RegWatch

According to industry analyst Michelle Minton, the future for nicotine vaping in the United States looks “pretty brutal,” following the FDA’s marketing denial orders,...

Anxious & Activated | Canadian Vapers Fight for Survival | RegWatch

One might hope the plunge in teen vaping and near eradication of teen smoking would prompt Health Canada and the federal government to slow...


Canada Gazette, Part 1, Volume 156, Number 25: Vaping Products Reporting Regulations

Vaping Products Reporting Regulations REGULATORY IMPACT ANALYSIS STATEMENT (This statement is...

Health Canada proposes new vape crackdowns on sale and ingredient disclosure

Canada’s federal government has proposed to continue its crackdown...

Government of Canada proposes new disclosure requirements on vaping product sales and ingredients

Canada's vaping market is evolving rapidly. A large number of vaping...