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The Canadian government announced last year it would introduce a new excise tax on nicotine vaping products in 2022.

The tax is based on e-liquid volume and not a measure of nicotine content, which is a relief for many. However, the tax could still prove punitive for many smokers seeking to quit.

Joining us today to talk about the troubles of this new tax is Ian Irvine, Professor of Economics at Concordia University and Research Fellow at the C.D. Howe Institute.

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Released: February 26, 2022
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  1. Oh Canada, why are EX-SMOKERS treated as SIN TAX WORTHY? How do they in the light of truth and scientific integrity equate the two #vapingsaveslives, #vaping95less harmful. Smoking is correlated to be a cause of poor health outcomes. #vapingISnotSMOKING! Just because enjoyment is found in this #vaping way of quitting smoking, why do the government money handlers leap on an opportunity to lump together two very opposite behaviors, just for money, and TAXATION, is punitive against QUITTING SMOKERS? It is wrong for many reasons!


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