FDA’s New Plan to Eliminate Most Nicotine in Cigarettes


The FDA plans to impose a product standard that would eliminate most nicotine from cigarettes, making them effectively non-addictive, and neutering the tobacco industry’s market power.

The story was first reported last Friday by the Wall Street Journal.

The news wasn’t unexpected. The Journal reported over a year ago that the Biden administration was considering a revival of former FDA commissioner Scott Gottlieb’s “comprehensive plan” that included both mandated nicotine reduction and a menthol ban for cigarettes. FDA and Biden administration officials have so far not commented on last week’s WSJ story.

If the agency pursues the rule, it will require strong support from the White House, and probably from multiple administrations, because the tobacco industry is likely to fight the nicotine reduction rule to its last dollar. It could tie up the FDA in court battles for years.

Read full article here.

Jim McDonald – Vaping360 – 2022-06-14.

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