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We recently wrote Premier John Horgan to express concern about the increasing politics surrounding salmon farming in B.C. as several farms in our region come up for tenure renewal.

The fact is, without salmon farming, our smoked-fish business would likely be forced to shut down, putting us and 75 employees out of work. More than half of our team consists of First Nations members. Founded in 1994, we are one of Port Hardy’s largest employers, growing from a backyard shed to a 24,000-square-foot facility today.

Our business produces a lot of the smoked salmon British Columbians eat, and we can only do that because of salmon farming.

These are sensitive topics right now, and a lot of people are afraid to stick their necks out in the current environment, but we need to speak up and tell the government it is critical to our business and our larger community that they make rational decisions about salmon farming, and consider the communities where the farming actually happens.

About two-thirds of the 680,000 kilograms of fish we process every year is farmed salmon. The rest is sports-caught cod, halibut and salmon. The amount of sports-caught fish varies wildly with the seasons and health of the wild runs. Without the steady, reliable supply of fish from farms, we wouldn’t have the certainty needed to stay in business.

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Carol and Bruce Dirom – Times Colonist – April 1, 2018.

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