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Pushing Panic | Public Health Stokes Fear Over Vaping | RegWatch

Hysteria over vaping is not a by-product of public health’s war on vaping; it’s the intended result. Public health seeks to generate fear and...

Unified Stance | Vape Groups Align for Fight to Save Vaping | RegWatch

Unity. It’s the long sought-for desire of many within vaping advocacy. No more backbiting and griping between groups over strategy and tactics in the...

All In (Part 2) | Is Big Tobacco A Threat to Vaping? | RegWatch

Is big tobacco a threat to the nicotine vaping industry? This is an old and touchy question for many vaping advocates. Most assume that at some...

Breakdown | Assessing the War on Vaping | RegWatch

Could the war on vaping in the U.S. finally take a turn in favor of tobacco harm reduction? It’s a legitimate question even though...

Ill-Informed | Unpacking the Timcast Vaping Debacle | RegWatch

Earlier this week, fans of Tim Pool and his live YouTube show Timcast IRL may have been shocked when a conversation about obesity and...