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Bad To Worse | Australia Careens Towards Prohibition | RegWatch

As the decline in adult smoking rates stalls, public health officials in Australia continue to push prohibition as the only solution to stem youth...

Natural Fit | BAT Talks Switching Smokers to Vapes | RegWatch

It's the number one vape brand by market share globally and the first to receive marketing approval by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration...

Vital Warning | WHO Is Coming for Your Vapes at COP10 | RegWatch

Make no mistake, the minions of global public health are coming for your vapes. This November, several thousand unaccountable bureaucrats will meet for COP10,...

Greatest Threat | Orchestrated Campaign Tying Fentanyl to Nicotine Vapes | RegWatch

It’s the greatest threat to confront vaping, and likely you may have missed it. Over the past 18 months, a dangerous misinformation campaign has...

Slice & Dice | Ontario Auto Insurance Fails Crash Victims & Healthcare Providers | RegWatch

Victims of auto accidents in the province of Ontario are unprepared for the tangled web of regulations that often lead to an overwhelming struggle...