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Driven By Snobbery | Prohibitionists’ War on Vaping | RegWatch

What motives seemingly rational people: professionals, scientists, and so-called experts in public health to proselytize and propagandize against safer nicotine products? Joining us today to...

Calculating Crisis | Truth Behind Teen Vaping & Tobacco Mortality Data | RegWatch

The research flow of “exaggerated” and “distorted” information about safer nicotine products is “not going to end any time soon,” says Dr. Brad Rodu,...

Ravaged By Regs | Vape Retailer Calls for More Enforcement | RegWatch

There is one issue with the potential to unite anti-vaping campaigners with pro-vaping advocates and business owners in the Canadian vaping industry, and that...

Juul Ban | Consumer Impact & Industry Future | RegWatch

Since nicotine vapes first hit the market in 2007, the United States has been the lead driver of innovation and consumer adoption of these...

Wrong Turn? | Researcher Reflects on Health Canada’s Vape Restrictions | RegWatch

As discussed on RegWatch over the past year, it appears Health Canada is taking a wrong turn on nicotine vaping. In a few short...