Why the attack on free speech is an attack on humanity


It’s often said the left’s war on free speech is an attack on the very thing that makes us human: the ability to think. For one is not free to think when one is not free to speak.

We think using language and this capability of our species is not very old. Prior to the evolution of the “behaviorally modern human” some 50,000 years ago, “anatomically modern man” was limited in language (and thus thinking) capability.

Anatomically, we are the same today as other humans up to about 100,000 years ago, however, we possess two higher functions of language that our predecessors lack.

Like many of the other higher animals on the planet, “anatomically modern man” could deploy only the two so-called lower functions of language: the expressive or symptomatic function and the trigger or signal function.

However, unlike ‘us’ today, they were apparently incapable of performing the two higher, cognitive functions of language: the descriptive and especially the argumentative function.

Attacking free speech disables higher functions of language

The left demands we no longer use our distinctly “modern human” ability to describe the world around us. To think and speak what we observe to be true. One needs no other example than the demand that a woman with a penis is a woman and not a man.

Don’t believe what your eyes are seeing. Deny that 2+2 = 4. And whatever you do, you are not permitted to dissent, which denies our ability to deploy the second of the two higher functions of language: argumentation.

Without these higher functions of language, we devolve back to the instinctual lower functions, which leaves man vulnerable to physical direction or manipulation; and learning and thinking to only imitation or self-reference.*

If we lose the functions that power our ability to learn, communicate, and cooperate with one another, we lose the unique qualities that make us human.

Brent Stafford – RegulatorWatch.com – 2021-10-08.

*For more see “A Short History of Man: Progress and Decline” by Hans-Herman Hoppe


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