If I expend resources to create and share a message casting sickly light on a politician or party in the pre-writ period I could be fined

Hey you! Shut up. Yes, you. Right now. We don’t want to hear your opinions on politics, policies or politicians.

No angry letters please. At least not to me. Because that obnoxious sentiment comes from … Canada’s politicians.

See, we’re in the “pre-election” period. Which might sound like there isn’t an election but is instead double-speak for it having started before it did. The “ins” are scurrying about handing out even more vote-buying money than usual and the “outs” are putting out even angrier press releases than usual (not about vote-buying, about them not being the ones doing it). And the “election gag law” that clears all you rubbish citizens out of the politicians’ way once the writ is dropped is already kicking in.

You can still discuss issues until the campaign starts. But not politicians. And not loudly. Before presuming to speak up, you must register, reveal details of all your donors, then stick to tight spending limits anyway.

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John Robson – National Post – July 16, 2019.

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