A Spectacular Failure \\ SPOTLIGHT Series

In this SPOTLIGHT series, Aaron Biebert (Director – A Billion Lives, You Don’t Know Nicotine) has detailed the potential consequences, both intended and not, of the restrictive, prohibition-like regulations proposed by Health Canada regarding alternative nicotine products.

While all of the consequences described present varying levels of inherent harm, none may be more deadly than an unregulated black market. Health Canada seems to be shaping these regulations after Nova Scotia, its most restrictive region for these products.

So, Aaron and the VIDA Voices team traveled there to speak with those on the ground and see firsthand how policies like high taxes, flavor bans, and nicotine caps can lead to a potentially fatal black market. #HealthCanada #Nicotine #Documentary

Read full article here.

VIDA Voices – 2021-09-14.

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