‘In a small way today, B.C. blinked,’ Alberta Premier Rachel Notley says – The two-week boycott of B.C. wine by the Alberta government is over.

Alberta Premier Rachel Notley made the announcement on Thursday afternoon, an hour after B.C. Premier John Horgan said his government would turn to the courts on the question of whether it could implement a temporary ban on increased exports of bitumen from Alberta, the issue that sparked the disagreement.

“In a small way today, B.C. blinked,” said Notley.

“I’m confident the courts will not give B.C. rights it does not possess under the constitution. In other words, I’m confident the constitution will be upheld and we will see the last of these ridiculous threats.”

Her remarks came after Horgan told reporters earlier Thursday he hoped pushing the matter to the courts would temporarily resolve the conflict.

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Justin McElroy – CBC News – Feb 22, 2018.


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