Michelle Gray tested positive for THC, but she wasn’t impaired.

A Halifax woman who uses cannabis to manage her multiple sclerosis had her driver’s licence revoked and her car impounded during a roadblock in early January, even though cops determined she was not impaired.

Michelle Gray, 38, is a medical cannabis patient. She told VICE she uses either dried cannabis or a combination THC/CBD oil to deal with a number of issues relating to her MS—including inflammation of her optic nerves—as well as insomnia, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder stemming from an abusive former relationship.

“I have a very high tolerance for it,” she said, noting she first started using weed as a teenager.
Gray, who works in security, says she consumed about “half of a tiny joint” around 4 PM on January 4. Later that evening, she took her son out to dinner to celebrate his 19th birthday. At dinner, she said she had one drink.

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Manisha Krishnan – Vice – Feb 5, 2019.

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