The B.C. Environment Ministry has released its quarterly report detailing recent environmental transgressions by people and companies, and there are two from the Central Okanagan.

Brian Gilmour and Linda Hall of Kelowna in the second quarter of 2017 were ordered under the Water Sustainability Act to restore an “unauthorized excavated hole” on the bank of Okanagan Lake.

Under terms of the order, Hall and Gilmour were required to restore the lakebed and hire a professional to supervise the job.

“The order requires… a qualified professional to oversee and monitor the filling operation to ensure that no impacts occur to the lake, the aquatic ecosystem or other property,” the report notes.

In a second entry, the report says an unidentified person in Lake Country was the target of a stop work order issued by the Agricultural Land Commission.

Read full article here. – March 05, 2018.


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