Canada Proposes Nationwide Flavor Ban


According to a press statement, the Canadian Government has proposed a ban on flavored vape products except tobacco, mint, and menthol.

The statement comes from the Canadian Vaping Association (CVA) is disappointed that it has proposed harmful regulation to address what they claim is a “misguided moral panic” and is “instead of supporting the greatest harm reduction opportunity of our lifetime.”

“We have repeatedly shared the science on vaping,” said Darryl Tempest, executive director of the CVA.

“Regulators are aware of the important role flavors play in the adoption of vaping by smokers. A flavor ban will reduce the appeal of the product and will sentence many smokers to their death.”

“There is sufficient data from regions with flavor bans to provide a clear understanding of the consequences. Flavor bans do little to protect youth and instead increase smoking rates and strengthen the black market,” notes the CVA, via other coverage in Tobacco Reporter.

The Canadian Constitutional Foundation, according to the same press statement, also argues, “…flavor restrictions, have the potential to make [vapes] less attractive or effective as quit-aids—and are considered from the standpoint of potential interference [that could potentially interfere] with the right not to be deprived of life, liberty, and the security of the person protected by section 7 of the Charter.”

Read full article here.

Michael McGrady – VapingPost – 2021-06-25.


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