Recreational cannabis becomes legal in Canada in less than a month, but when it does most police forces won’t yet be deploying devices that check a driver’s saliva for recent drug use.

The National Post contacted 15 of Canada’s largest police forces, and almost all said they’re still deciding whether to order the devices. Though the federal government approved one such device for use more than three weeks ago, many forces are waiting for it to approve a range of devices.

In the meantime, police will rely on a field sobriety test — which can involve standing on one leg or tracking an object with your eye — to screen for drug-impaired driving at the roadside. If a driver fails, police can bring them in for further testing.

Roadside saliva-testing devices became legal in Canada after Bill C-46 passed in June. The Liberal government has touted them as an important new tool for cracking down on drug-impaired driving.

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Brian Platt – National Post – September 18, 2018.


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