Global News published a neat sign-of-the-times story on Tuesday: Art, last name withheld, 70 years old and from Streetsville, Ont., reports recently being pulled over by the local constabulary and ordered to provide a breathalyzer sample on pain of arrest. The officer’s stated reason, by Art’s account: at the Beer Store Art had just returned for refund what the officer considered “an excessive amount of bottles.”

Art was sober as a judge, but he cries foul: “They shouldn’t have that right to pull a person over unless there is a good sign the person is doing something wrong.”

Art sounds like a reasonable guy. I imagine a fair number of readers agree with Art, and would be surprised to learn that the simple act of recycling could be grounds for police to jam a doohickey in their mouths. In fact, though, thanks to Bill C-46, which recently came into effect, cops no longer need any reasonable grounds to suspect impairment before demanding a breathalyzer test. So long as they pull you over legally, you’re fair game — and police have virtually unlimited legal powers to pull you over.

Read full article here.

Chris Selley – National Post – January 10, 2019.

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