What impact will a price on carbon have on real estate?

It’s an important question, but it only reflects part of the story. We must also consider the broader issue that carbon pricing is meant to address because that will have an apocalyptic impact on real estate, at least in some areas of the globe.

The irony of the Trudeau government ramming its “price on pollution” plan down the collective throat of unco-operative provinces and territories must be noted.

Carbon pricing is, after all, a conservative concept. It provides for a costing on what we consume and stops the subsidy created when something is given away free. And here we have a federal Liberal government that has stolen thunder from the Conservatives by taking a page from their playbook.

But, that’s neither here nor there. Whether it’s Liberal policy or Conservative, real estate will feel the impact.

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John Clark – Property Biz Canada – November 29, 2018.


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