‘Namgis First Nation hereditary chief and chief councillor Donald Svanvik recently questioned some information I put forward (“UBCM stacks deck against salmon farming,” Sept. 9). I’d like to take that as an invitation to engage in further dialogue about ocean-raised salmon in B.C.

We are both passionate about wild salmon and the jobs salmon farming supports. One in five people working for a B.C. salmon farmer is of First Nations heritage. A 2017 study found B.C.’s salmon farming industry supported 6,600 jobs in 2016, up 33 per cent from three years earlier.

Beyond the jobs, the food salmon farming provides is important. Almost three-quarters of the salmon harvested in B.C. each year is raised on farms. It provides a sustainable alternative to eating wild fish, which are under tremendous pressure from overfishing, climate change and loss of habitat.

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John Paul Fraser – Times Colonist – November 1, 2018.

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