The Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion Project (TMEP) was announced in May 2012 and approved four and one half years later in December 2016. Much work has been done but the most costly and substantive pieces still lie in the future. A successful court challenge in 2018 resulted in a new set of work being commissioned by the National Energy Board that is underway.

Many are rightly asking: Will the pipeline expansion ever be finished? A fair question. For the moment, we can only wait and see.

This document has been been independently prepared to provide a compendium of fact-based information to assist the public during a period of robust discussion on TMEP in general and the subject of marine risk in particular. It may not contain all the answers, but the authors have done their best. At least it can be a starting point on which to have a meaningful discussion on the risk posed by increased marine tanker traffic with the expansion of TMEP and energy exports from Canada’s west coast.

Download document here.

Resource Works Society – February 2019.


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