The Canadian Vaping Association (CVA) says youth wellbeing in Canada has seen a decline in recent years.

The staggering numbers demonstrate that the perceived mental health with a mention of poor/fair more than doubled in 2018 for youth.

It contends that while proponents of flavour restrictions often cite surveys finding that some youth indicate flavours are a reason for use, they ignore the same survey data which indicates mental health is a driving force.

Canadian youth have been vocal regarding their mental health and the need for counseling, and through forward-thinking studies, it’s becoming apparent that their requests are valid and pressing,” writes the CVA.

The CVA points to a study conducted in British Columbia which asked youth about quitting vaping. In the responses, 24% of youth reported that vaping improved their mental health and 11% indicated that mental health counselling would help them quit vaping.

In further comments, there were requests for “judgement-free and shameless approaches to quit vaping, as well as education on how to quit. While it may seem obvious that a federal strategy would outline support and stress management for youth, the battle has been wrongfully directed towards flavours.”

The CVA continues: “There are modern and innovative studies from the US that demonstrate the potential effectiveness in appealing to youth by means of their mental health. In their recent study, UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh shows that setting goals and strong parental support reduces the likelihood that youth will vape.

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Dave Cross – Planet of the Vapes – 2021-09-10.

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