In a video clip unearthed by the Ontario Liberals, Progressive Conservative Leader Doug Ford says he would allow developers to build single-family homes on a “big chunk” of the province’s protected Greenbelt in order to bring Toronto-area house prices down.

Mr. Ford says in the video that he adopted the policy after talking with “some of the biggest developers in this country,” adding that it was their idea.

The Liberal campaign released the video Monday, saying it was a “secret promise” Mr. Ford had made to developers and adding that the move would be a windfall for speculators sitting on land in the Greenbelt.

Many environmentalists and urban planning experts – as well as the Liberal government – argue that paving over the farmland and forests of the Greenbelt would not only be bad for the environment, it would actually have little effect on the cost of housing in the Greater Toronto Area.

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Jeff Grau – Globe and Mail – May 1, 2018.


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