Although I have been studying electronic cigarettes for several years, sometimes it feels like the same questions keep coming back around: Are e-cigarettes safe? What are the health effects of vaping e-cigarettes? Is vaping better than smoking?

These questions come from parents, policy-makers, reporters, patients and health care workers.

However, there are many parents here in La Jolla who could tell you firsthand that e-cigarettes are addictive and dangerous. These parents learned about the dangers of vaping e-cigarettes when their own children became addicts.

One La Jolla parent found empty e-cigarette pods in her ninth-grader’s backpack, then had to witness her child’s nicotine withdrawal over the weekend, followed by a months-long period of working to break that powerful addiction.

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Dr. Laura Crotty Alexander – La Jolla Light – 2022-05-02.

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