I have written two columns expressing my scepticism about the plan from the provincial life insurance regulators in Canada who comprise CISRO (the Canadian Insurance Services Regulatory Organizations) to introduce a new modular regime (exams and content) to be developed by Quebec’s AMF (the Autorite des marches financiers) for use in both Quebec and the common law provinces.

[Those two columns on RickardsRead.com were: (No.216) “CISRO’s ‘harmonizing’: the life insurance agent licensing regime of LLQP revisited”, posted Oct.8, 2013; and (No.222) “CISRO, the AMF and a new LLQP life insurance licensing regime: to whose benefit?”, posted Dec.9, 2012.]

The new regime has been given the designation of “the harmonized Life Insurance Licensing Qualification Program”. Under the CISRO/AMF plan it would replace the content and exam of the existing LLQP program (the Life Licensing Qualification Program), a program with the development of which I had more than a casual involvement a decade ago.

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Rickards Read –  Alastair Rickard – Jan 21, 2013

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