Europe placed an evidence-free, arbitrary cap on the volume of nicotine in e-liquid.

Latest evidence shows higher nic levels work and reduce carcinogen exposure. The findings come as the UK government is considering what changes need to be made to vape legislation and brings to mind the sage words of the New Nicotine Alliance (NNA) in 2016.

Action on Smoking and Health wrongly claimed that a growth in the number of vapers proved that, “new EU rules on nicotine strength not a problem for most vapers”.

Only 9% of vapers report using e-liquid containing 19mg/ml or more of nicotine,” they said.

The NNA responded: “According to a report by Action on Smoking and Health … the needs of 252,000 UK vapers don’t matter because most people will only be mildly affected by the arbitrary restrictions imposed by article 20 of the TPD. That is a truly astounding attitude, especially in light of the fact that the expected reduction in smoking prevalence delivered by the entire TPD, including the tobacco provisions, is just 2% over 5 years, which in the UK translates to 183,000 people”.

Read full article here.

Dave Cross – Planet of the Vapes – 2021-04-27.

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