Smoking by California high school students is at such a low level that state-funded researchers consider it “negligible,” according to recently released survey results from last year.

The state’s youth vaping rate is also low, with less than half as many students using e-cigarettes than in the country as a whole.

Just 1.2% of California’s high school students smoked cigarettes in the past 30 days—a 40% decrease over the already low 2.0% from the last survey two years earlier. Among that same age group, 8.2% vaped in the past 30 days—down from 10.9%. Marijuana use, however, was unchanged at 15%.

The results were part of the 2019-20 California Student Tobacco Survey, a statewide survey of 8th, 10th and 12th grade students conducted every two years and funded by the California Department of Public Health’s Tobacco Control Program.

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Jim McDonald – Vaping360 – 2021-08-12.

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