Massachusetts’ Ban on THC Vape Pens Is Over Now, Too


The state’s ban on THC vaporizers has come to an end following a vote from the Cannabis Control Commission.

So on Wednesday we reported on the news that Massachusetts’ vaping ban had officially come to an end after three months. Beginning Wednesday, people who use e-cigarettes to get their nicotine fix can resume buying vapes and vape products—so long as they’re unflavored and conform with new rules from the Department of Public Health.

But a ban on THC vapes in pot shops remained in place. Now, one day later, that ban has been lifted, too.

The decision comes from the Cannabis Control Commission, which had quarantined the sale of cannabis vaporizers—including pens and cartridges loaded with THC oil—that are popular among marijuana users. As of 2 p.m. on Thursday, the CCC has just announced, Massachusetts marijuana retailers can resume buying those products.

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Spencer Buell – Boston Magazine – December 12, 2019.

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