Suppliers will have to be approved and licensed by federal government. Laurie MacEachern doesn’t grow tomatoes or roses in her backyard garden.

The director of the Medicinal Cannabis Patients Alliance of Canada lovingly tends to roughly a dozen bushy green marijuana plants outside her modest home south of Ottawa.

MacEachern’s garden is hidden away behind a ramshackle wooden fence. But the pungent aroma given off by her prized plants hits you long before she unlocks the gate.

“The smell is just amazing,” MacEachern says, using scissors to trim back thick stalks dense with narrow leaves and dark, fat buds.

MacEachern has government permission to grow her own supply of medical marijuana.

Her garden provides her with a year’s supply, which she uses to treat chronic symptoms from a number of ailments, from back pain to depression.

“What it gives me is a year without pain,” she says. “A year without muscle spasms, a year without being so depressed that I want to end it all.”

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Tom Parry – CBC News – Oct 01, 2013.

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