Marc Slis wanted to live a quiet life. As a geophysicist, he had spent decades exploring for oil all over the world. He had often been out at sea and had visited close to 160 countries. Finally, in 2015, he thought that he had found a way to stay put.

He purchased a vape shop from a friend in Houghton, a small city located on Michigan’s Keweenaw Peninsula near Lake Superior. Previously a customer of the shop, Slis vowed to make 906 Vapor his own: He would dedicate the rest of his life to helping smokers quit using vaping products, as he had done. And he would finally have some calm.

“People laugh when I tell them that story now,” he told Filter.

Slis has had no time to relax. For the past few years, he has found himself “grudgingly” at the forefront of vaping advocacy in his home state of Michigan, a particularly hostile place toward tobacco harm reduction.

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Alex Norcia – Filter – 2021-10-14.

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