A terrible menace has descended on a small town.

It appears to be a plague, an ever-spreading green vapor that targets high school students and transforms them into zombies. Soon, half the students in the school are walking around with frighteningly blank, pale-green eyes.

“No one noticed at first,” the comic reads in the beginning. “The changes were subtle.” So subtle, in fact, that a basketball player emanates billowing clouds of green gas from his body as his teammate, terrified, looks up at him from the floor. It only gets worse. A girl who “usually maps out her whole year before breakfast” has no summer plans. The basketball player can’t make a shot.

Oblivious to this looming threat, two young scientists in the school lab—Javier and Amy—have meanwhile invented a device to see into the future.

The green vapor spreads. Eventually, a group of possessed students corner Amy and Javier in a parking lot, as the pair figure out that their classmates must be “being controlled.”

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Alex Norcia – FilterMag – 2021-04-07.

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