The Canadian Vaping Association states, “As Canada pursues a prohibitionist regulatory path for nicotine vaping products, many academics, health authorities and tobacco control experts have spoken out cautioning the government that overly restrictive vape regulation will harm public health”.

Earlier this week, the Institute of Cardiology of Montreal has added its voice through the release of an article titled “Ban the flavours of vaping liquids? A very bad idea.”

The article argues that the foundation of Canada’s proposal to ban flavours is flawed and that there is no youth epidemic. Throughout the article several studies are assessed which find that only 1% of youth who vape were not previous smokers. It also explores data from San Francisco that shows a significant increase in youth smoking following a ban on vape flavours.

“In other words, the “vaping epidemic” among young people, so decried by anti-tobacco organizations, has not led to an increase, but rather a marked decrease in youth smoking, something which would obviously be impossible if vaping led young people to smoke,” said Dr. Martin Juneau, Cardiologist and Director of Prevention at the Institute of Cardiology of Montreal.

Read full article here.

Net News Ledger – 2021-10-03.

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