The federal government is planning to ban e-cigarette promotions from convenience stores, public transit and all social-media platforms in response to a major rise in teen vaping and fears of health risks.

But the proposed new rules it announced on Thursday do not restrict the sale of flavoured e-cigarette products.

The move comes in response to months of increasing pressure to crack down on the vaping industry, which heavily promotes its products in stores, other public places and online. Social media are rife with ads and promotions from vaping companies.

A recent Globe and Mail investigation found that many e-cigarette companies use Instagram, Facebook and other platforms to post about their products and sponsor product giveaways, and hire paid influencers. Many of those activities, such as the use of influencers, are already illegal under current federal vaping rules, and health organizations said a blanket advertising ban would be necessary.

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Carly Weeks – Globe and Mail – December 19, 2019.

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  1. and they bloody well should ban advertising, just like they did with tobacco! Not on vaping as a whole, but on vaping products. Store owners and staff can educate the public on the products. We don’t need unethical companies such as JUUL putting ads in Archie Comics promoting highly addictive high nicotine content devices to get teens “stoned” and addicted.


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