Physician Warns Against New Brunswick’s Ban on Flavoured Vapes


In a release on its website, the New Brunswick Medical Association (NBMA) recently said that local physicians are pleased with the flavour ban that has been set in place

Titled, “Physicians pleased with new restrictions on vaping products,” the NMBA article said that alongside other health entities, they welcome restrictions on vaping products.

However, local physician Dr. John Oyston MB BS, BMedSci, FRCA, FRCP(C), wrote in response to the release, explaining why he believes the ban will be detrimental to public health.

Addressing the letter to the NMBA, the Canadian Cancer Society; the New Brunswick Lung Association; and Dr. Kerrie Luck, Ph.D. and Dr. Jeff Steeves, Past President, New Brunswick Medical Society, he explained that the flavour ban will likely increase tobacco-related deaths and black market activity.

As a physician who has seen the disease, disability and death caused by tobacco smoking, I urge you to intervene in opposition to the vape flavour ban, which is likely to increase deaths from tobacco use.

Read full article here.

Diane Caruana – Vaping Post – 2022-07-08.

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