Social media has emerged in recent years as a common and important venue for reporting issuers to connect with potential customers, shareholders and other stakeholders. As social media and the use of the internet have become increasingly part of how we communicate information, we have observed a higher proportion of corporate disclosure being provided through chat rooms, investor presentations, blogs and social media websites.

Reporting issuers must constantly be aware of the securities reporting obligations that their social media activities may trigger, even if these activities are not directly intended to communicate with investors. Given that investment decisions are made on material information, it is critical for issuers to adhere to high quality disclosure practices regardless of the venue used for dissemination.

Staff of the Canadian Securities Administrators (Staff or we) are publishing this notice based on a review conducted by the securities regulatory authorities in Alberta, Ontario and Québec. Staff reviewed the disclosure provided on social media by 111 reporting issuers.{1} This included a review of information provided on websites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram and GooglePlus, amongst others. We also reviewed the disclosure issuers posted on their own websites, including on any message boards or blogs hosted on those websites.

Download full Reporting Rules here.

Ontario Securities Commission – March 8, 2017.

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