Politicians in 13 states are considering bans on flavored vaping products. But flavors are the very thing that allows smokers to quit.

If these politicians had bothered to visit their local vape shop and talk to the people there, they would know this.

The lawmakers are ignoring the overwhelming evidence that vaping is the best possible tool to help smokers quit smoking. A landmark study was just released proving what tobacco harm reduction experts have known for quite some time. Conducted by ten of the world’s leading experts on public health, the study determined that flavors lead to a 43% increase in the likelihood of smoking cessation. Prohibiting access to lifesaving products could lead to millions of easily preventable deaths.

Cigarette smoking is responsible for the deaths of 480,000 Americans a year, more than 50 deaths every hour. These deaths are caused by dangerous chemicals produced when a cigarette is smoked, not the presence of nicotine.

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Karl Abramson – Washington Times – March 11, 2021.

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