America is getting a first-hand lesson in homeschooling during the COVID-19 lockdown. A new poll shows that a huge chunk of parents are likely to keep it up.

An overwhelming number support school choice. And this could very well be sending a frisson of terror down backs of teachers union leaders everywhere and for very good reason.

Parents have been watching the teachers’ reactions to the lockdowns. In LA, the teachers union leaders groused that virtual schooling thing is too hard and instructors need more money to teach in their PJs. In Boston, before they could teach the kids, the union had to approve the plan. Gee, I can’t imagine where parents could get the idea that the schools are run on behalf of the adults and not the kids. Strange, really.

As famed philosopher and pedagogue, Paris Hilton, once said, “Math is hard.” And all you read in the media are parental horrors stories about trying to teach math.

But the shocking poll, by RealClear Opinion Research, shows that parents are very receptive to taking their children’s education into their own hands whether it be homeschooling or nontraditional education sources. The national poll of 2,122 registered voters showed that parents of all social, economic, and political backgrounds support school choice and 40% are more likely to homeschool.

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Victoria Taft – PJ Media – May 19, 2020.

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