Instead of change, Alberta’s first NDP premier brought the same old kowtowing to big oil – Imagine if you decided to sell your soul and no one wanted to buy it?

That seems to be the undignified position that Alberta Premier Rachel Notley finds herself in eight months away from electoral oblivion. In stark contrast to the reform-minded warrior swept to power three years ago, Notley has morphed into a fossil fuel sycophant, trumpeting the same industry wish list championed by the provincial Conservatives for 47 years — and soon to be advanced by premier Jason Kenney.

After abandoning promises of getting tough with the oil industry and ensuring Alberta’s resource wealth is processed locally to capture more employment and economic benefits, Notley has become an avatar of the late Ralph Klein, threatening to cut off oil to elsewhere in Canada and cancelling Alberta’s participation in the national carbon pricing plan. She also demanded that Ottawa restart negotiations with the First Nations who just won their legal challenge to the Trans Mountain pipeline, and that the case be immediately appealed the Supreme Court. Good faith, rule of law and tackling climate change be damned.

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Mitchell Anderson – – September 11, 2018.


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