The European Parliamentary Research Service (EPRS), a think tank, has produced a quick overview covering the initial reactions to the European Commission’s Beating Cancer plan. Initial feedback from nicotine consumer organisations was far from positive as the plan looked to tax vape products like cigarettes, to extend bans on vaping in public areas, and to ban flavours.

The EPRS says its mission is, “to provide Members of the European Parliament, and where appropriate parliamentary committees, with independent, objective and authoritative analysis of, and research on, policy issues relating to the European Union, in order to assist them in their parliamentary work.”

It explains the purpose of the Beating Cancer plan in its briefing(1): “The plan consists of 10 flagship initiatives and 32 supporting actions, to be rolled out over the coming years. Implementation will be monitored by means of a roadmap and progress indicators, and the Commission will establish an EU cancer plan implementation group. With a €4 billion budget, the plan will make use of all available funding instruments, including the new EU4Health programme, Horizon Europe, and the Digital Europe programme.”

Read full article here.

Dave Cross – Planet of the Vapes – 2021-03-31.

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