This is how traffic tickets affect your insurance rate in Ontario


You’re driving down the road when, suddenly, flashing blue and red lights appear in your rearview mirror. 

First, take a deep breath. This might be your first ticket, or it might be your second or third.

Either way, this ticket will affect your insurance rate — but just how much will depend on the infraction and your driving history.

Below, we break down all the ways traffic violations will impact your annual premium.

Minor, major, and serious: ticket type matters

Not all tickets are created equal. Insurance providers are generally concerned about the severity of your violation. Tickets are broadly categorized into three types: minor, major, and serious. As you’ll see below, different types of tickets will have different levels of impact on your insurance rate.

But before we get to that, let’s break down the various offences under each category…

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John Shmuel – – 2023-05-09.

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