A large portion of opposition to Trans Mountain is being funded by a Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council grant – The Trudeau Liberals, like the old comic-strip character, Pogo, are discovering that when it comes to pipeline policy, the real enemy is themselves. Their acquisition of the Trans Mountain pipeline is yet another example of their progressive pretension colliding with economic reality. The contradictions of their climate and energy policies have put them in a mighty pickle, after they effectively killed all other domestic alternatives to bring oil to tidewater.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s bland declaration in 2015 that “The Great Bear Rainforest is no place for a pipeline” has returned to haunt him in the form of a much more valid criticism: that a pipeline is no place for a government. But that is almost a peripheral issue. At some stage — assuming TransMountain survives endless court challenges and the diehard opposition of the B.C. government — push will come to shove. In the case of protestors hurling their bodies in the pipeline’s path, quite literally.

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Peter Foster – National Post – July 19, 2018.


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