In Canada, millions of smokers are using vaping as a way to reduce or quit smoking, and many have succeeded in switching completely from smoking to vaping, which has a very significant health benefit.

If stores that sell tobacco products are allowed to remain open but specialty adult-only vape shops are forced to closed, people who need nicotine will not have the option of vaping and may relapse to smoking cigarettes, which are far more dangerous. Canada Post is no longer delivering mail -order vaping supplies as these require a signature (Source- Canadian Vaping Association). Convenience stores and gas stations only sell vaping products with high nicotine concentrations, not the low concentrations needed by people who are trying to wean themselves off cigarettes.

In Europe, vape shops remain open in Italy, in France and in Greece (Dr. Farsolinas, personal communication).
Martin Dockrell (Tobacco Control Programme Lead for Public Health England) tweeted:
I note that France and Italy exempted vape shops from their shut down. Very sensible.
It would be very unfortunate to protect tobacco supplies and block the supplies of the most popular and effective ways to quit.

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Dr. John Oyston – – March 20, 2020.

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