‘You used to go out to meet people, go out to a bar… now you just swipe right on your phone, you don’t need to go anywhere’ – In the wake of recreational cannabis legalization in Canada, an important question has arisen: will Canadians forgo beer for bud? Some studies have suggested the two are an either/or proposition; others that they’re as complementary as chips and dip. As researchers observe the situation in Canada with interest, the answer is far from clear.

Though craft beer in Canada “has been making impressive gains” as mainstream beer drinking declines year over year, according to a CCC Investment Banking report, American craft brewers have hit headwinds. Craft beer still outpaces industrial offerings in the U.S., but sales are down with nearly one third of craft brewers experiencing a drop in 2017.

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Laura Brehaut – National Post – November 28, 2018.


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