THE World Health Organisation’s bizarre opposition to electronic nicotine delivery systems – better known as e-cigarettes or vapes – has just been ramped up another notch.

E-cigarettes have been shown to help wean millions of smokers off combustible tobacco. The UK Government’s health promotion body, Public Health England (PHE), says that: “Vaping is not risk free but is far less harmful than smoking. Our advice remains that people who smoke are better to switch completely to vaping.” That opinion, however, is not shared by the WHO, which has long pursued an almost pathological campaign against e-cigarettes and has just delivered its latest broadside which says: ‘’Nicotine is highly addictive.

“Electronic nicotine delivery systems are harmful, and must be better regulated.

“Where they are not banned, governments should adopt appropriate policies to protect their populations from the harms of electronic nicotine delivery systems, and to prevent their uptake by children, adolescents and other vulnerable groups.”

This is strong stuff, implying that respected public health bodies such as PHE don’t know what they’re talking about.

But when you analyse the WHO’s statement, it pretty quickly collapses.

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David Jones MP – EXPRESS – 2021-07-27.

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