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Healthy Outcomes | Switching to Nicotine Vapes Improves Well-being | RegWatch

Over the past months, several new research studies have released with surprisingly positive results regarding the most contentious issues around e-cigarettes. One study indicates that...

Tempting Progress | U.S. Vaping Industry Nurtures Wins & Ponders Losses | RegWatch

With the deadline for PMTA submissions for synthetic nicotine products now closed, the U.S. vaping industry is again held hostage to FDA’s plodding regulatory...

Doing Harm | Health Canada’s Confused Message on Vaping | RegWatch

With the comment period now closed for the legislative review of Canada’s Tobacco and Vaping Products Act, Canadian vapers again find themselves in “wait-and-see...

Grand Scheme | NJOY Approved & Menthol Cigs Cancelled | RegWatch

In this special report from the Grand Canyon in Arizona, the United States RegWatch executive producer Brent Stafford provides commentary on the FDA’s recent...

Pretty Brutal | State of U.S. Vaping 2022 | RegWatch

According to industry analyst Michelle Minton, the future for nicotine vaping in the United States looks “pretty brutal,” following the FDA’s marketing denial orders,...



Juul Ban | Consumer Impact & Industry Future | RegWatch

Since nicotine vapes first hit the market in 2007,...

FDA to Order Juul E-Cigarettes off U.S. Market | WSJ News Exclusive

The Food and Drug Administration is preparing to order...

Canada Gazette, Part 1, Volume 156, Number 25: Vaping Products Reporting Regulations

Vaping Products Reporting Regulations REGULATORY IMPACT ANALYSIS STATEMENT (This statement is...