Bully Tactics | Health Agencies Grant Permission to Shame Vapers

It’s a cruel bitter irony for millions of vapers who not only quit smoking in order to improve their health but also to escape the humiliation and stress caused by incessant shaming. Over decades, state and federal public health agencies have spent billions of dollars on advertising campaigns which gave friends, family, and even strangers ‘carte blanche’ to shame, degrade and demonize smokers.

Today the shaming is back and it’s more painful than ever as its target is vaping, the very tool so many found instrumental in kicking their smoking habit and to stay quit.

Does public health have no shame? Find out in this frank interview with April Meyers, Board President and CEO of the Smoke-Free Alternatives Trade Association.

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Produced by: Brent Stafford.
Released: January 4, 2019.

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