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Health Canada’s case for a ban on flavours in nicotine vaping products appears to be crumbling as evidence mounts regarding its potentially disastrous impact on public health.

According to a new report, “The Case for Flavours,” by prominent tobacco harm reduction researcher Dr. Konstantinos Farsalinos, flavour bans effectively equate to a form of prohibition, which would fuel the growth of a massive black market and spur a deadly rise in cigarette smoking.

In this episode of RegWatch, hear Dr. Farsalinos discuss his multidimensional review of the use of flavours in nicotine vapes and learn what he recommends regulators should do instead of banning flavours.

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Released: February 12, 2022
Produced by Brent Stafford

This episode is part of our “Last Stand” Canada Coverage

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  1. I find these arguments to be very rational and they should be considered and be followed by the majority. The majority disagrees with public smoking bans and the evolvement of the anti-smoking campaign and that is only according to polls. When decisions are taken they should be made collectively and not individually from a member or a narrow group of people. When what’s happening meets the opposition of the majority it should not proceed and in this case should not have proceeded in the first place. 70% of people in Britain are opposed to a comprehensive smoking ban, with 6% of them being in favour of rather comprehensive smoking rights and the rest with some type of intermediate compromise, so what is taking place imposes itself on the majority and has been agreed on by the minority of those it concerns and affects. This is simply unacceptable and undemocratic and it should be reversed by meaning that for as soon as possible. Electronic substitutes are not the only alternative for keeping your health from smoking, there have also been invented R&D tobaccos that are used for R&D cigarettes with less substantial tar in them, let alone less nicotine which is easier to achieve. The choice between all these types of products must be performed through their selection in a free market environment with progress and free and not constrained development.


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