Flavors Banned! – San Francisco Drops Hammer on Vaping

California’s war on vaping escalated to new heights when the City and County of San Francisco rammed through new regulations banning all flavors, except tobacco, in e-liquids containing nicotine. The San Francisco flavor ban is part of a coordinated attack, targeting multiple jurisdictions at the city and country levels—executed by anti-vaping activists and progressive legislators.

It was a spring ‘swarm’ and vapers are sure to feel the sting.

In this episode of RegWatch we’ll take you inside the June 14th San Francisco Board of Supervisors public hearing where the total disregard for vaping as a tool for harm reduction could be tasted. Also, hear pro-vaping activists from CASAA.org explain the impact and what could be coming next—only on RegWatch by RegulatorWatch.com.

RegulatorWatch.com – July 1, 2017.

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  1. “afro americans and LGBT are more targeted by flavors”. Are these politicians so stupid ?, yes probably because they’re trying to kill harm reduction, but they’re also expecting people to believe them as well …
    They want to kill vaping, they want californians to smoke. Not to respect the law when it’s unfair should be the new rule.

  2. This is shocking a child will be able to access cigarettes easier thank a while cig if anything rack up the price of the price of the hardware to use them as regards to the flavour people will just mix it them selves I just think it’s discussing how it helps people quit and it’s a healthier alternative than smoking if they do keep vaping it’s just the cigarette companies that are out of pocket in sales and nothing to do with that vaping is harmful as cigarettes when you have a breakdown of the extra added and unneeded chemicals that go into cigarettes and the break down that is in e juice there us no comparison

  3. #ItsTheCorruptionStupid #FollowTheMoney Watch the lying politicians fight over our ever so lucrative healthscare, in DC, we are their gross national product, now. No where in this so-called health conscious new world order society is there an attempt to go after the source of diseases…. LIES ABOUT TOBACCO HARM REDUCTION San Francisco caves to the money of Big Pharma et al. As far as heart diseases such as diabetes, they are herding humans like cattle, while they deny the truth that animal saturated fats are healthier than the standard recommended diet that sends makes of us, sickly Americans to treat (profitting from their lies regarding our health). LIES regarding tobacco harm reduction and nutrition obscure the scientific facts that are ignored while regulating of natural rights to liberty, our right to eat what sustains life and the truth regarding saturated fat. BOTH OF THESE ISSUES ARE KILLING AND HAVE BEEN SINCE THE EARLY 1960s , sorry I get angry over wrongful, avoidable deaths caused by greed!

  4. Isn’t there anything that can be done at a federal level? This should be illegal and those supporting it should be brought up on criminal charges, starting with Glantz for lying to the public!

  5. “These allocation percentages are based on a variety of factors such as population and cigarette sales within the state. These state allocation percentages will not change over time. In order to pay for the settlement, the tobacco companies have raised the price per pack of cigarettes by 45 cents.”

    This also applies to local government……which means if cig sales decline, then so does payments to the state, county, city…….follow the money………



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