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Hard compromises that no one will like is how eminent tobacco control scholar Dr. Kenneth Warner describes some of the recently released recommendations in a new policy paper addressing the struggle over e-cigarettes.

The article offers a mix of policy proposals covering critical issues that impact vaping: flavors, taxes, youth use, nicotine, misinformation, and regulatory approval of nicotine vaping products.

In this episode of RegWatch, we take a deep dive into the issues with Dr. Warner and co-author Cliff Douglas, director of the University of Michigan Tobacco Research Network and former Vice President for Tobacco Control at the American Cancer Society.

Are these compromises one can live with? Find out!

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Released: September 22, 2022
Produced by Brent Stafford

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  1. Everybody except the consumer has an industry.
    Big tobacco. Big pharma. Big Auto. Big box. Big health care. Big insurance. Big education. Big big big.
    SCOTUS Leon provided the option of joining either BT or BP. There was no Big Consumer to choose from. So the consumers chose BT to be labeled by. That was 2009. Big Tobacco Industry label has gotten way over used.


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