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It’s blatant, and some think shameful, the degree to which political interference and anti-vaping ideology have hijacked the FDA’s approval process for nicotine vaping products.

Recent comments released by the Reagan-Udall Foundation in its review of the FDA and its Center for Tobacco Products prove as much.

Joining us today is Tony Abboud, the Executive Director at the Vapor Technology Association. We take a deep dive into the problems at FDA and CTP. We discuss the industry’s court challenge to California’s flavor ban and its economic impact. And we learn about VTA’s recommendation for dealing with the flood of disposables on the market.

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Released: December 14, 2022
Produced by Brent Stafford

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  1. Why the FDA is not implementing enforcement against disposables? Perhaps it is because f external political pressure (CTFK, Truth, Bloomberg, anti-vapong Senators). How come? disposables are now the majority product among teenagers, keeping them in the market allows for the continuation of the “youth vaping epidemic”, which keeps these anti-vaping activists going on.


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