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Another Canadian province bans flavours in nicotine vaping products in response to the moral panic over teen vaping.

With astonishing speed, the province of New Brunswick tabled and passed new legislation guaranteed to destroy adult access and choice to the products many use as a safer alternative to smoking.

Join RegWatch’s same-day coverage with a response to the new flavour ban from Dr. John Oyston, Canadian anesthesiologist, and harm reduction advocate.

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Released: June 11, 2021
Produced by Brent Stafford

This episode is part of our “Last Stand” coverage

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  1. In response to the video above. Please Dr. John Oyston, Canadian anesthesiologist, and harm reduction advocate. I’ve been a vaping advocate since I began vaping in 2010 at around 63 yrs. of age, which classifies me as a stakeholder, I suppose. We were a community, with chat rooms and many hugetoob videos on all related vaping questions the “how to’s” for ourselves and other new vapers. There is a rich philanthropic community of “pass it forward” helping other smokers switch, the true history amongst us vapers, that found freedom from deadly smoking and a delicious vaping, allowing us away from the perils of carcinogenic smoke. There are thousands or more videos, blogs and information in general on each and every vaping question reams of HOW TO VIDEOS AND BLOGS, new vapers search for and need to know more about, which includes DIY-ng your own E-liquid. I’ve made mine in my “kitchen” for 6 years and counting, successfully due to having relatively clean surfaces, measuring devices and access to running water. Making our own E-liquid saves us money, retirees etc., low income vapers, who choose to switch from smoking. WHAT ONE ASPECT RUINED VAPING? Vaping sadly was perverted by the take over of E-liquid manufacturers using “graphic porn labeling and their childlike naming of their flavors… creating enticing names such as “fruity pebbles” thereby attracting younger vaping consumers…. new E-Liquid entrepreneurs springing up like weeds in E-liquid mfg.(very profitable), that are relentlessly (follow Bluembrg’s Money) accused by MSM & BIG GOV. AGCYs in the most defamatory ways as you mentioned the “EVALI” crisis, the endless damaging arguments pulled out of pharma’s magical hat, about youth vaping damaging developing brains, which as per usual MSM lacks or doesn’t account for (the proof of their slanderous lies, statistically already proven unfounded) that btw is always absent! Falsely maligned, vaping is a gateway to smoking, when the exact opposite is true. Liquid mfgrs. profiting hand over fist. Teens that experiment with vaping, where a huge percentage of them do already smoke, are primarily making up that subset. A purposeful elicit and deceitful desire to capture and profit from the underage experimental marketplace of teens that try vaping, (HOW OFTEN DO THEY VAPE), infrequently.
    I could write a book for having been on the frontlines of this fight since 2010. There are NO vaping “how to” questions that cannot be easily answered on videos, blogs and www where vapers themselves gladly help new vapers learn the importance of safety in all areas pertaining to vaping which I emphasize includes diy making your own flavored liquid to vape! REMEMBER THE MEDIA FRENZIE ABOUT POPCORN LUNG, well well well… the big food suppliers of flavor liquids for the food industry, realizing immediately their own role in laxed safety ratings for all their flavoring liquids on their websites. They rightly made a very responsible choice the Flavor industries did, in not denying that some flavors “MAY” be [correlated] with danger, some flavor-ents “MAY” be dangerous. We became a community of teachers and tutors with an outstretched hand to educate, warn and encourage safety to all new vapers. Please don’t sell the vaping community short or join the anti-vaping “BAN BRIGADE”, as existing to re-route NEW TEEN EXPERIMENTAL VAPERS WHO ARE DOING ALL MANNER OF RISK TAKING BEHAVIORS ANYWAY, IN ALL SPHERES such as “drinking and driving”, “unprotected sex” and on. There are some noted Physicians, Scientists, EX-Tobacco Control ADVOCATES with many letters after their names, that are advocating switching from smoking to vaping and they are willing and able to be supportive and fighting tooth and nail to eliminate the endless false narratives. We have a realm of PHDs amongst our community, we vapers have helped one another through all the endless onslaught of MSM LIES, PROPAGANDA DUE TO OUTRIGHT GREED, (profits from pharma & medical industrial complex)(SIN TAXATION for quitting a deadly habit of smoking), Big pharma’s 70 year promotion to patients useless Nicotine Replacement Therapies, the goal that people trying to quit should be using ONLY bIG pharma’s joke of their aids to quit… Pharma has it in the bag, if they don’t work for smokers, then they the smokers can just smoke & die!)! They very greedily lay in wait, for when the money really rolls in their direction patients with smoking diseases which is far more profitable for many elitists with careers that already believe they are superior to stupid smokers (their attitudes, and judgments), all of them are ultra greedy interested parties. #OURLUNGSMATTER!

    Making something in your kitchen should not classify it to the dust bin of all that suspicion of what could go wrong. Vaping let’s not forget is a simple mixture, especially when compared with lighting something on fire in front of your face and hair. The non inflamed liquid is made of these ingredients Propylene glycol, Vegetable Glycerin (another glycol,a form of alcohol). There have been vaping recipe websites and videos that repeatedly stress safety! Measuring liquids and solids when preparing food, goes on in kitchens since modern life evolved. How hard is it to measure and keep clean an area for mixing your favorite flavors. I detected a touch of elitism in the Dr.’s fear producing idea that all homemade brewing of liquids for vaping is DANGEROUS, that I found abhorrent, the inference that people themselves “can’t be trusted of their own volition, their own abilities to follow directions,to do their own research when knowing they need information on safety measures for their own safety, to improve their own lives”! I AM NOT ATTACKING THE MESSENGER, just a heads up. Vaping began with a strong community of newbies that has always helped others to vape safely. I reached out and received a wealth of information that kept me vaping and blessedly not SMOKING, emphysis, safely and deliciously since 2010. SMOKING FOR PLEASURE, DYING FROM TAR vs. VAPING FOR PLEASURE AND THERE ARE NO KNOWN ADVERSE HEALTH EFFECTS THAT ARE PROVEN and that’s what matters? #OURLUNGSMATTER!

  2. Dr Oyston is 100% correct as always. Great but tremendously worrying point about what new DIY vapers might add to their creations, many kitchen ‘flavor additives’ are oil based and would surely lead to something similar to EVALI.
    So sad for Canada and vape family world wide, the corrupt health authorities and politicians yet again choosing tobacco profits and funding from combustible tobacco death and disease.
    The evil collusion of pharmaceutical, medical, public health, philanthropy, government, tobacco and media makes the dark ages inquisition or the world wars, look like a teddy bears picnic. Incitement to helping commit 8 million needless murders every year. These parasites have no souls.


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