NGO vs. FDA | Inside the Legal Battle that Could Shut Down Vaping

In a bewildering turn of events the U.S. vaping industry is facing a mortal threat, resulting from a lost court case, in a legal battle it was not even a party to.

A group of public health NGO’s sued the U.S. Food and Drug Administration challenging the regulator’s authority to extend certain compliance deadlines governing premarket tobacco applications that must be submitted, in order for vaping products to stay on the market. FDA lost the court case, but the biggest loser could be the U.S. vaping industry.

In this edition of RegWatch hear Azim Chowdhury, the industry’s top regulatory lawyer, explain the machinations of the court case and how the industry could be facing a sudden ten-month PMTA filing deadline, which would devastate vaping as we know it.

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Produced by: Brent Stafford
Released: June 19, 2019

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