RegClips | FDA Enforcement | Is Your Vape Business Under Threat? (2mins)

Did your business receive an FDA enforcement letter regarding operations in the vaping space? If so, the United States Vaping Association wants to hear the details of your case.

USVA is planning to file a preliminary injunction in order to halt enforcement action. Get the details in this RegClips by

Released: February 10, 2021
Produced by Brent Stafford

Supported by DEMAND VAPE

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  1. Hi,
    My business has been issued a warning letter from FDA, we have worked with Mark Anton from SFATA along with the company that helped us submit our PMTA’s. We have responded to the warning letter and have had a conference call with the FDA investigator. We have not had an official response as of yet. Please reach out to me for further dialogue.
    Russ Jurczyk,
    Gorilla Vapes


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